Climate Change

ESA PCR’s scientists and engineers have been at the forefront of assessing and analyzing global greenhouse gas emissions since the passage of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32). Using the latest tools and data sources (e.g., CalEEMod, The Climate Registry, CAPCOA, and custom-built tools), our professionals provide expert advice and analyses to guide clients across all market sectors through the compliance process required by AB 32. In addition to numerous studies and analyses, ESA PCR is skilled in developing scientifically sound solutions to effectively and feasibly reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases and evaluating sustainability practices.

Services include:

  • Compliance Documentation
    • CEQA and NEPA Impact Assessments
  • Regulatory Services
    • Stationary Source Permitting
    • Control Technology Determinations
    •  Emissions Inventories
    •  “Cap & Trade” Assistance
  • Sustainability
    • GHG Reduction Plans
    • Waste Minimization Studies
    • Pollution Prevention Studies
    • Corporate Sustainability Goals & Tracking Programs

Contact:  Heidi Rous, CPP, Director (626) 204-6170