Air Quality

ESA PCR’s highly credentialed scientists and engineers provide expert advisory and analysis regarding air quality, climate change, risk assessment and management. Well-versed and up-to-date on dynamic regulatory requirements, we are known for preparing solid, defensible documentation for a diverse clientele with varying project needs. Using the latest software and technology (e.g., AERMOD, CalEEMod, and custom-built tools), ESA PCR’s air quality professionals develop economically feasible and technically practical solutions for the most challenging project circumstances.

Services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Compliance Documentation
    •  CEQA and NEPA Impact Assessments
    • Health Risk Assessments
    • Conformity Determination / Analysis
  • Regulatory Services
    • Stationary Source Permitting
    • Emissions Inventory/Reduction Plans
    • Air Toxics Inventory Reports / Plans
    • Agency Negotiation (SCAQMD, CARB)
  • Risk Management Plans
    • Peer Review and Litigation Support

Contact:  Heidi Rous, CPP, Director (626) 204-6170