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  • Heritage Fields/Orange County Great Park
  • Paleontology

    Heritage Fields/Orange County Great Park

    Client: Heritage Fields, LLC

    Market Sector: General Real Estate, Residential, Recreation

    Project Location: Irvine, CA

    ESA PCR provided professional paleontological services to the Orange County Great Park Corporation and Heritage Fields El Toro, LLC. The project entailed recreational and residential development of the former, WWII-era Marine Corps Air Station El Toro and adjacent lands in Orange County, California. ESA PCR’s regulatory compliance documentation was successfully submitted to the City of Irvine.

    Prior to construction, ESA PCR conducted a paleontological survey and assessment of the 3,700-acre project site and pre-construction fossil salvages.  Two years later, during construction, ESA PCR provided paleontological monitoring, fossil salvages, microfossil sampling, and laboratory preparation of salvaged fossils for museum curation.

    Salvaged fossils included a Miocene whale and associated marine life from the Monterey Formation. ESA PCR conducted a detailed analysis of Quaternary sediments and fossils that yielded important new insights into Pleistocene events on the Tustin Plain.


    Practices Involved:

    • Paleontology
    • Archaeology
    • Historic Resources
    • GIS/GPS Technologies