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  • Montebello Home Savings and Loan Historic Restoration and Exhibit
  • Historic Resources

    Montebello Home Savings and Loan Historic Restoration and Exhibit

    Since 1953 Home Savings and Loan has been synonymous with Millard Sheets Studios, the design firm responsible for the distinct image and artwork of more than 40 banks throughout Southern California.  The bank’s owner, H.F. Ahmanson, commissioned the designs with the intent of integrating art into the overall fabric of the building, rather than as an afterthought, which gave way to dozens of iconic branch buildings, each uniquely designed to reflect the culture of its own neighborhood.  The Montebello Branch is no exception.  Opened in the spring of 1974, the exterior featured Home Saving’s recognizable marble and travertine panels, gold tile cornice,   and an intricate mosaic, while the interior boasted a 20-foot-long tapestry and stained glass panel.

    Nearly 40 years after opening its doors – and 15 years after Home Savings and Loan was sold – PIH Health acquired the building to repurpose for its Medical Offices.  By this point, the passage of time and exposure to the elements had degraded the building façade as well as the artwork inside.  To the delight of Millard Sheets enthusiasts and the Southern California historic preservation community PIH, in an extraordinary act of artistic stewardship, incorporated the restoration and preservation of the building and its artworks to their original state as part of their overall project.

    ESA PCR’s architectural historians supervised the cleaning and restoration of the building’s façade, ornamental features, and interior artwork, returning them to their historic beauty.  Upon completion of the restoration work and at PIH’s request, ESA PCR prepared a permanent exhibition to recount the history of the Montebello Branch, the Millard Sheets Studio and its artists, and Homes Savings and Loan.

  • Dunbar Hotel Rehabilitation Project
  • Historic Resources

    Dunbar Hotel Rehabilitation Project

    Client: Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles (CRA/LA)

    Market Sector: General Real Estate

    Project Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA

    ESA PCR completed a Historic Resources Rehabilitation Report for the Dunbar Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.  The Dunbar Hotel for many years served as a prestigious central location for Los Angeles’ African-American community.  ESA PCR’s architectural historians conducted a careful space-by-space inventory and database of character-defining features associated with the Dunbar Hotel’s period of significance (1928-1970).  In addition to the database, ESA PCR’s report provided a list of any issues and concerns that should be taken into account during the building rehabilitation and for the long-term preservation of the Dunbar Hotel.  ESA PCR’s final document, approved by the CRA/LA, provided a short-term and long-term maintenance plan, and a restoration and rehabilitation plan for the hotel’s character-defining features.  The hotel reopened in June 2013 as a senior living facility amid local fanfare as described in the L.A. Times article, An Encore for the Historic Dunbar Hotel.

    Practices Involved:

    • Historic Resources

  • Santa Monica On-Call Historic Preservation Consultant
  • Historic Resources

    Santa Monica On-Call Historic Preservation Consultant

    Client: City of Santa Monica

    Market Sector: Government, Advisory, General Real Estate

    Project Location: Santa Monica, CA

    PCR has served as the City of Santa Monica’s on-call historic preservation consultant since 2002.  During this time, PCR has performed a number of services for the City to address a wide variety of patterns, trends and events, persons and places, builders and architects important in Santa Monica’s history.

    PCR’s is called upon to perform site-specific surveys and architectural plan review for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance on properties which demonstrate potential historic and/or architectural significance.  Specific services include design recommendations using the Secretary of the Interior Standards; Structure of Merit assessments; provided preliminary assessment to full landmark reports, plan review, adaptive reuse, and mitigation to reduce potential impacts; and represented the City on historic issues at public hearings when necessary.

    Practices Involved:

    • Historic Resources

  • Santa Fe Depot Exterior Restoration
  • Historic Resources

    Santa Fe Depot Exterior Restoration

    Client: San Bernardino Associated Governments

    Market Sector: Government

    Project Location: San Bernardino, CA

    ESA PCR provided technical recommendations for the maintenance and repair of the exterior of the Santa Fe Depot in the city of San Bernardino in conformance to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The Mission Revival style Santa Fe Depot was constructed in 1918 as the Los Angeles headquarters for the Santa Fe Railroad. After inspecting and analyzing the condition of the cement plaster exterior, ESA PCR’s architectural historians developed three exterior finish restoration alternatives that meet the Secretary’s Standards. ESA PCR’s compiled the recommendations in a letter and presented the final recommendation to the State of Historic Preservation Officer.

    The recommendation involved in the treatment process included exterior steam cleaning, crack repairs and patching, plaster mockups, application of the fog coating, in-kind repair and repainting of the exterior windows and woodwork, and cleaning of the associated hardware.

    The project beautifully restored the Depot’s historic appearance and, as a result, the building is now protected from further water damage. The fog coating technique was a successful in-kind preservation treatment that met the Secretary’s Standards and the project received approval from the Office of Historic Preservation.

    Practices Involved:

    • Historic Resources